Creation of an Indian National Classical Ballet Company

Creation of an Indian National Classical Ballet Company

Phase One: Production of a multicultural dance creation by the Gloria Mandelik Dance Company

After a first successful tour in 2011 (see videos and photos of this tour in the Gallery section), The Gloria Mandelik  Dance Company,  combining Classical Ballet with the dance idioms of Spanish and Indian dance, has been invited by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations to make a second tour of India. The I.C.C.R. is interested in Mandelik´s new choreography, based on a classic of Hindu mythology.

The new ballet is the love story of the celestial dancer Urvashi and the mortal king Pururavas. Their trials and tribulations are a sort of Indian combination of Swan Lake and Giselle, but with a happy ending. This story is based on the ancient texts of the Satapatha Brahmanas and Kalidasa’s 4th century play and will be choreographed in Classical Western Ballet style, also bringing in elements of Bharata Natyam and Spanish dance. Gloria´s work has always exemplified the importance and rewards of close collaboration and mutual influences between East and West.

Gloria´s Career

Embracing Classical Ballet, Spanish Dance and Indian Classical Dance, the unusual and eclectic nature of Gloria Mandelik’s career has been the subject of interesting controversies since its beginning. Born in the United States, raised in France, she is has lived in Spain since 1960 and has also had 45 years of intimate and profound relations with India. The depth of her knowledge of the dance language of these three cultures can be appreciated by observing the heights to which she has risen in her career. Highlights of that career include, in Classical Ballet soloist and assistant choreographer in the Teatro alla Scala de Milan; in Spanish Dance she was star of the company of the legendary Pilar Lopez; in Indian Dance, when she danced in the UNESCO in Paris, a critic said; “Mandelik has taken the initiative to study classical dance in India and mastered it to perfection, which proves that culture is universal and has no national boundaries.”

See Gloria’s website: and her YouTube channel:

What we need:

For Phase one of the project, we need to raise funds for the production costs of the new ballet, for dancers´ salaries and for travel from Spain to India.

The following is a budget breakdown of the Gloria Mandelik Dance Company’s 2011 tour of India. The next tour’s budget will be similar, subject to slight modifications depending on planning.

Artistic Direction/Choreography_______________ $6000

Salaries 9 Dancers (Europe)_________________$22000

Salaries 2 Dancers (India)____________________$2500

Stage Manager______________________________ $2000

Light Design_______________________________ $1500

Music Recording____________________________ $1000

Rehearsal studio____________________________ $1500

Costumes__________________________________ $4000

Plane fares Spain/India______________________$9000

Costume transport and insurance______________$2000

Executive Producer___________________________ $2500

Management, Coordination & Communication__ $2500


Additional costs in India, such as local transportation, housing, meals, etc. are paid for by the I.C.C.R.

All donations to this campaign will go to the Gloria Mandelik Dance Company, whether or not we reach our funding goal  for this project by the end of the campaign. Rest assured that your donation will  be used to complete this project at such time as we do reach our funding goal. Perks relating to the performance of the new ballet will be distributed when the project is completed. 


Contributors who donate any amount up to $100 will be mentioned as “Sponsor” in the program book handed out at the performances of the new ballet and will receive by email a copy of the program book autographed by Gloria and the dancers of the company.

Contributors who donate between $100 and $500 will be mentioned as “Special Sponsor” in the program book handed out at the performances of the new ballet, will receive by email a copy of the program book autographed by Gloria and the dancers of the company and will also receive by post a tote bag or T-shirt printed with the logo of the Gloria Mandelik Dance Company.

Contributors who donate over $500 will be mentioned in the program as “Special Sponsor Extraordinaire” and will receive by email  a copy of the program book autographed by Gloria and the dancers of the company and will receive by post a tote bag or T-shirt printed with the logo of the Gloria Mandelik Dance Company and a photograph of the company, autographed with a special thank you from Gloria.

All contributors to the campaign are welcome to attend any and all rehearsals of the new production.

Supporting this project is a chance to be involved in the creation of a new work of art which could very well be the cornerstone of a future project of even greater transcendence…

The Impact

Gloria´s long-term goal is the creation of an Indian National Classical Ballet Company, an idea in which certain Indian authorities have expressed interest. The first phase of the project will provide an opportunity to tour India with a multicultural dance creation which exemplifies the type of ballet that could form the repertoire of such a company,

India is the only major Asian power that does not have such an institution. As much as Gloria reveres the Classical Dances of India, which she has studied, performed and taught, she knows that they reach only a very limited public outside of India, due to the intricacies which only a connoisseur can appreciate. On the other hand, Classical Western Ballet, due to its more abstract form of expression, can narrate any theme to an international public. Classical Ballet choreographies based on the great Hindu epics would disseminate Indian culture on a global level and bring people closer to India’s great cultural heritage. An Indian National Classical Ballet Company would also provide an opportunity for ballet dancers of the Indian diaspora to return to their motherland and be a part of this exciting institution.

Other benefits resulting from the formation of a National Classical Ballet of India are the possibilities for the company to tour abroad, and for Indian musicians trained as Classical musicians abroad and in Zubin Mehta’s Mumbai School to compose original music for new ballets, thereby enhancing the collaborative nature of these two disciplines and creating further bonds between East and West.

Taking the implications of this project even further, the future would include the creation of a school associated with the Ballet Company to train dancers of future generations.

Ways You Can Help this Campaign

A contribution of any amount will be greatly appreciated!

Spread the word. Since crowd-funding depends on the interest and contributions of many people, you can also help our campaign by using the Indiegogo share tools (above), by posting a link to the campaign on  Facebook or other social media and by telling your family and friends about it.

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